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The Silver Creek Desk is the perfect desk for any area in your house needing some work space. Equipped with three gliding drawers and one pencil drawer (or a computer keyboard pullout), you'll have plenty of storage space for anything you need. Choose which drawer location is best for you, whether you want them on the right or left hand side (selection does not apply to student desk which has no side drawers).

All of our drawers are dove-tailed and feature precision ball-bearing full-extension glides for maximum quality.

Choose From: 60" Desk With Drawers, 48" Desk With Drawers, Student (No Side Drawers)

Other Customizations: Pencil Drawer or Keyboard Pullout, Drawers on Left Side or Right Side.


Home Office


Office Desks and Bookshelves
Dimension (L x W x H) 22 x 48 x 31 Inch
Weight 110 Pound

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