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There are four main lines by Mountain Woods Furniture, the leader in rustic furniture for over twenty years: Heirloom, Wyoming, Aspen Grizzly and Rustic Arts collections.


  • The Heirloom Collection

    is our flagship. It has been a staple of our company for over 20 years.
    Made of locally and sustainably harvested Aspen, this furniture line is perfect for folks who want
    quality built log furniture.
  • The Aspen Grizzly Collection

    is similar to the already popular Heirloom line of log furniture, but is an evolution in log furniture because of the distinct look. The unique finish of this grizzled wood provides exceptional rustic beauty.
  • The Rustic Arts® Collection

    is the value version of the Heirloom Collection. Still built of solid constructed components, we use less solid woods to keep the cost at a minimum. However, the same craftsmanship principles still apply as are used for the Heirloom collection.
  • The Wyoming Collection®

    is our reclaimed wood line. It is made of local weathered Wyoming snow fencing and other reclaimed woods from the US. This appeals to rustic consumers as well; especially those who believe in reuse and recycle as we strive to maintain a balance with sustainable resources in all that we do.
  • Moutain Maple Collection®

    is American Maple hand rubbed with Tung Oil to enhance the natural coloration of the wood before finishing with a protective poly coating to provide years of durability. Due to the rustic nature of the wood and the beautiful burls found throughout, each piece is as unique as nature intended.


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